About Us

Our Story

Flypad Piensa Company (commonly known as Flypadcorp) is a business idea development startup with primary interest in developing concepts or ideas in Food, Technology and Entertainment. Registered as a business entity under the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Flypadcorp was founded in 2015 by some students in Hollywood Hostel, Yabatech. Flypadcorp started as startup to develop a social media platform called - Flypad , but since then metamorphose over the years to have developed other ideas that spans through Food, Technology and Entertainment.

Flypadcorp in December 2018 launched Flypad Extension (FlypadExt); a direct customer service line which offers variety of services ranging from Graphics Designs, Web development, Digital Marketing, Food Product Development e.t.c

Flypadcorp hopes to develop fully into an Investment firm/Holding Company which will expand it sectors from the existing ones (Food, Technology and Entertainment)


Our Goal and Vision

“To develop into a global corporation with unrivaled expertise in Business Ideas Development, also by developing competing products which will contribute greatly to the Nigerian Economy Outlook."

"To grow from just a startup to being a global corporation with investments in major economies around the world"