A Business Idea Development Company, we are always working to bring ideas/concepts to life.

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Meet Us

We are passionate young individuals who are driven by zeal to bring about concepts/ideas to life.


To develop into a global corporation with unrivaled expertise in Business Ideas Development, also by developing competing products which will contribute greatly to the Nigerian Economy Outlook.


To grow from just a startup to being a global corporation with investments in major economies around the world.


To improve lives through offering of quality services, also to enhance human development, so as to make our world even more a better place.


Flypad Extension (FlypadExt) is direct customer business line from Flypad Piensa Company. FlypadExt was created to help brands achieve success in service rendering, to help investors in making certain decisions and also help students in carrying out various tests on samples needed for the completion of any degree program.

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Intergalactica is an entertainment enterprise which has in her care a music record label, a talent management company , music publishing and distribution companies, merchandising company and motion picture company. Eriq Burns, the co-founder of Intergalactica is also a versatile singer and rapper who leads the potential talents.

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Our Ideas

We have successfully designed the 'Bridge Flour Mill' concept which will contribute significantly to the striving Bakery and Confectionery business. And series of ideas we are currently working on like Flypad (social media platform), Padder (real time messenger app), OfficeBox, Sluff (connect art practitioners).

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Why we are different


We apply latest technologies, continually enhance technical expertise and endeavor to apply transferable skill sets.


We analyze and stealthily scrutinize environments to identify and prioritize needs/ risks and develop solutions.


We leverage the technology of brands helping them to express and connect with their constituents.


We encourage involvement, openness and honesty in all our client’s project.


Our 24/7 support system always proves helpful to our clients.


Most importantly, we allow for negotiation of prices and provide the availablity of custom budgets to choose from